Stephanie Pistel


Stephanie Pistel

Stephanie Pistel is a renowned photographer & director double-based in Amsterdam and New York, passioned about celebrity portraiture, beauty and fashion.

Unified by her signature photographic style that has a surreal, yet painterly quality, each of the series tells its very own story, capturing Stephanie’s filmic vision.

She is always in search for the essence. The detail. The perfect imperfection. In both the editorial and commercial world, where the artistic approach can differ, but the emotion and the eye for the detail stays the same.

In her current exposition ‘Do not kill your Darlings’ she pays homage to the opportunities that Stephanie’s professional life offered her. Capturing intimate and unique moments with a wide range of creative individuals from the world of music, politics, fashion, theatre and dance, whose work she admires and whose talent has always inspired her.

Stephanie is always on the move. She loves traveling, on to the next fascinating story to tell.

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