Studio Kunst&Beeld


Brecht Langhout & Karen Winnubst

Studio Kunst & Beeld (Art & Image) is a collaboration between artist Brecht Langhout and photographer Karen Winnubst. They started the partnership in 2013 and since then they are working on photography projects in which they represent fragments  from their childhood.

Memories of  their  youth are captured.  Sometimes gentle and warm or sometimes full of loneliness. Always in nature; a place to play and fantasize, but also to retreat, to find comfort, security and beauty.

The underlying story is the starting point, not the literal reality. The viewer can thereby distilling a personal story from the images and giving it its own interpretation.

Childhood memories are often not sharp and image fragments mingle. By combining the photographs with artworks by Brecht and nature images by Karen they want to strengthen the feeling of a bygone era.

‘Nature is what inspires and binds us;

Fragments from our youth are depicted in the landscape;

The past is reflected in the present. ‘     – Studio Kunst & Beeld –

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